Beating the pants off ‘computer’ illustrators one illustration at a time.


Going through some of his old art work, the Grumpy Old Man realized that using these newfangled online shop he might be able to bring his illustrations to a new generation of crafters and scrapbookers. The only problem? Like many of his generation, he is afflicted with a terrible case of can’t-use-computer-itis. To overcome this affliction, he enlisted his handsome, intelligent, charming son to help manage the computer side of the shop. Together, they work tirelessly to produce quirky, interesting illustrations for the graphic design masses.


All of the Grumpy Old Man’s work is hand drawn using old fashioned tools like ‘pens’, ‘markers’, and ‘paper’. He likes illustrations this way, even though the lines are less precise and the fills a little uneven, because the end result is more charming and unique. Once he completes his illustration, his son ‘puts them in the computer’ so that they can be shown on the internet.


If you like Grumpy Old Man’s old school illustrations, or want to commission him for some art work, send him one of those electronic letters through the internets. He can’t use email yet, but his son will make sure he sees it. One more thing, the Grumpy Old Man would like you to get off his lawn.

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